Whether you’re currently on raw or thinking about switching, we host regular FREE seminars for beginners and true believers of raw. We ask new customers to register for a seminar before purchasing from us. We only have your and your pet’s best interest at heart. In our experience, most customers have the same questions and concerns about raw during the first few weeks of switching from kibble or from raw diet from another source.

It is easier to summarize these questions in a one hour seminar to prepare you for things to come, rather than receiving phone calls, questions and concerns from each individual customer for weeks to come. To optimize your experience and guarantee a smooth transition, it is beneficial to attend a seminar either before or at the first purchase. We value your time, but also ours.

Especially pet owners switching from another brand of raw often could improve feeding process or variety. Sometimes the habits put in place by owners or information given at other stores are not in the best interest of the dog. We would like to get a chance to improve your dog’s health. We see many dogs come to the store with health issues, dull coats or allergies, who’ve been fed raw for years, hence our request to optimize the transition process. For customers who are already hostile about the seminar – Give us a chance! You will be very pleased as every other seminar participant, as there is always something new to learn.

There are many stores to choose from who are offering raw these days. We are interested in your best possible success, rather than people who come in only once or twice and buy without understanding our concept and moving on to a different store after that because they claim “it didn’t work for them” as they were not doing it properly. Let us help! You’re getting a 75 Dollar value for free, as that is how much the seminar is worth.