Here is a list of our essential products:

  Smoochy Poochy Tie-Around-Your-Waist Leash  $50
  Easy Walker NO-Pull Collar  $50
  Diatomaceous Earth (great natural flea repellant)  $10
  Bovine Colostrum (boosts your pet’s immune system)  $30
  Holistic Herbal Dewormer  $25
  Book Pet Care Made Easy by Corinna Bollmann    $25
  DVD Healthy Raw Diet For Dogs And Cats by Corinna Bollmann    $50

Prices are subject to 13% HST.

Can I pay by Credit Card or Cheque for my purchases?
We only accept cash, interac or electronic transfer (for pre-orders) in order to keep our prices as low as possible for you, our valued customer. 

Dogs are welcome to shop with you in our store, but please note that for safety reasons retractable leashes are not permitted on our premises. Please bring your dog on a secure collar you dog cannot slip out of and a nylon or leather leash. Should you forget your leash, please leave your dog in the car and come inside first, we will happily supply you with a leash to bring your dog inside the facility safely. Thank you.

Why is smoking “paw-hibited” on your premises?
Please note that smoking is not allowed anywhere on our premises. We are a holistically inclined daycare and are trying to keep our boarding guests, staff and volunteers healthy and safe. Besides causing a fire hazard, one cigarette butt contains enough nicotine to kill a small puppy or a kitten when swallowed. Our staff is unavailable to pick up every single cigarette dropped in our parking lot, hence, the no smoking policy. Please respect our property. Thank you.