“Guinness, my Miniature Poodle, has been going to Mutt Lodge since 2016. Whether I need to travel for business or if some other event comes up, I know that he’s in good hands there. Guinness also has an issue with dehydration and is prone to heatstroke on warm days, and the staff are careful to ensure that Guinness is taken care of.

In 2018, Bonnie, a Schnauzer Mix, was welcomed into our home. Bonnie was fearful of other dogs and her stays at Mutt Lodge have been a wonderful opportunity to help her socialize off-leash.

Mutt Lodge is accommodating with schedules and offers the options of daycare or overnight boarding.  I love that Mutt Lodge is a no crate kennel and that my dogs have the ability to get fresh air and exercise, but also that the staff are mindful when the weather is not great and thus limit outdoor time accordingly. Plus, the opportunity to interact with other dogs is wonderful. My dogs are excited when they arrive, and they come home content and tired. I’m very thankful to Corinna, Tina, and the team. They run a tight ship to ensure the health and safety of all dogs in their care.

On a side note, if your dog is on a raw diet or if you are considering making the switch, they also have the Canine Loves Raw store on the premises. Ask them for details.”

Rosemary from Pickering, Ontario



“Charlie had a great time with you guys at Mutt Lodge for boarding for the week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the food! It is so easy and perfect. Charlie was always a very picky eater with food but he gobbles the raw stuff right up. I used to leave out his food in the morning and he would maybe eat it before bed when he would be really hungry i’m sure. But now I put out the food and it is gone in a matter of minutes. The portions are so perfect and easy. 🙂

I love just grabbing a bag out of the freezer in the morning and not having to think or worry about the portion or making sure he is getting all the right foods each week. There is nothing in the freezer that Charlie does not like. Our freezer is full with meals from you for the next four months. Thank you again for all your help and we will see you in a few months for more food.”

Kelly and Greg from Toronto



“I have been taking my dog to Mutt Lodge for many years without any issues. He has been treated like a family member, always happy and tired when he gets home. At daycare they are allowed to roam free and have fun.

Mutt Lodge is a great escape for my dog, allows him to be out all day at a great price, exercise daily and fully integrated with other dogs. Being integrated minimizes the chance of your dog being aggressive with others on the street. Levi also loves his Canines Love Raw meals and his shedding has gone down to almost nothing since I switched him a while back!”

Gord from Oshawa



I have been coming to Canines Law raw for many years now. I love that I can purchase pre-packaged food for my dogs Sasha and Finn and not worry if I am feeding the appropriate amount of proteins for their meals.

I found the seminar for starting the raw diet very helpful as I was overwhelmed in the beginning on how to start.  The staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and are always willing to answer all my questions.

The added bonus of walk-in nail clips on Saturday mornings is awesome too!

Barbara from Barrie



It took us a long time to find a facility that we felt comfortable enough to leave our dogs in their care.  We have large Mastiffs and we know that our dogs and the other guests at Mutt Lodge will be safe and well looked after.
The best judge of the quality of care our dogs receive at the Mutt Lodge can be heard and felt in their enthusiastic exuberance when we pull into the driveway.  Our dogs are excellent judges of people – and they adore the Mutt Lodge staff and always have a great time whether it’s just for the day or for an extended stay.  We highly recommend this facility for anyone who wants peace of mind whilst leaving their animal in someone else’s care.

For several years we have been feeding our Mastiffs raw food prepared by Canines Love Raw.  They are healthy, look amazing and their breath and teeth look and smell great.  Before discovering the raw diet offered by Canines Love Raw- we struggled to find a dry food that our dogs would eat – not anymore. They love the food and it is possible to offer a different protein each day of the week.  We feel very confident in the quality of the prepared meals.  Our dog’s only complaint is that we feed them only once a day and not enough (but they are perfect weight)!

We have recommended Mutt Lodge and Canine’s Love Raw to many of our friends with dogs.

Ian and Amy from Pickering with Truman and Remi “the lion” at the Santa parade